About Us

The Literacy Cooperative is an umbrella organization that brings foundations, organizations and people together to find practical solutions to improve literacy. We are mobilizing Northeast Ohio resources to increase reading, math and digital literacy, beginning at birth, so our kids are performing at grade level throughout their educational journey.

We are sharing our research and introducing best practices and pilots that are innovative, interactive, and effective.

The Literacy Cooperative provides oversight and overall strategic coordination currently not being fulfilled by individual providers.

Our support, coordination, and facilitation of adult literacy initiatives are creating pathways that lead to rewarding and life-sustaining careers.


Our mission is to advance literacy through raising awareness, advocating for public support of literacy initiatives, and strengthening the network to improve literacy across the lifespan.


Our vision is to ensure that all children and adults in Greater Cleveland will reach their highest literacy potential for employment, self-sufficiency and lifelong-learning.


The Literacy Cooperative’s goal is a two-generational approach to address the literacy needs of under-educated, low-skilled parents, and their children to make sure both are prepared for employment, self-sufficiency and life-long learning. The Literacy Cooperative does this by supporting a system of high quality, interconnected and outcomes-oriented service delivery, improving early literacy outcomes, and defining and strengthening pathways to post-secondary education and careers.

The Literacy Cooperative is uniquely qualified to maximize opportunities and provide the literacy leadership needed for real systemic change.

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