Friends of Literacy

Friends of Literacy is The Literacy Cooperative’s associate board that focuses on fundraising, friend-raising, and volunteer activities to support the organization’s work. Members advocate for The Literacy Cooperative by helping to promote the mission of The Literacy Cooperative. Members have strong leadership skills and the desire to build upon leadership skills.

Group activities include but are not limited to:

  • Organizing group volunteer activities.
  • Being a connector to individuals and companies to share the mission of TLC.
  • Developing creative fundraising and friend-raising activities.

A short list of requirements:

  • Annual ‘meaningful donation’ amount to The Literacy Cooperative.
  • At least 75% attendance to meetings and two planned committee events per calendar year.
  • Complete at least one TLC volunteer activities in the calendar year.
  • Each member is expected to participate. By engaging in the work, members take part in constructively creating recruitment, member engagement, volunteering, and social events.
  • There is no age limit or work experience requirement to join.

What benefits will you get from participating in this associate board?

  • Unique relationship building experience. Opportunities to engage with TLC staff and board members.
  • Chance to give back to the community. This group helps improve literacy outcomes for children and adults.
  • Experience of building a leadership group from the ground up.
  • Opportunity to create real change and to assist the direction of The Literacy Cooperative.
  • Hands on experience utilizing skills you may not get to use in your current work life

Questions or do you want to learn more before submitting an interest form? Contact Celia Lamb at

Upcoming Events

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Member List

  • Hayley Bock, JobsOhio
  • Jessica Boiner
  • Nathan Boninger, Benesch
  • Tony Contrucci, Jones Day
  • Mariah Dobies, Cross Country Mortgage
  • Amina Doleh, Maloney Novotny
  • Will Froliklong, Cuyahoga County Public Library
  • Celia Lamb, HW & Co
  • Kelly Maughan, Falls & Co
  • Leah Schaffer, Cleveland Clinic
  • Joesie Schmotzer, DLR
  • Macin Sheeder, BVU
  • Eboney Thornton, Center for Community Solutions
  • Jessica Walsh-Frazier, Kids Book Bank
  • Claire Weibel, OverDrive