The Literacy Cooperative’s VIRTUAL 2Gen Summit

April 29 and June 5, 2020

The Literacy Cooperative hosted its 3rd annual 2Gen Summit on April 29, 2020.  We worked quickly with our 2Gen Committee to modify the event to a virtual format that allowed us to keep the event informative and interactive. The virtual session was a huge success and allowed more than 230 guests to participate – compared to 100 attendees in 2018 and 2019.

The Literacy Cooperative’s President and CEO, Bob Paponetti, kicked off the event with a summary of past summits and the evolution of the two-generational approach in our community since the committee formed in 2018. A two-generation (2Gen) approach builds family well-being by intentionally and simultaneously working with children and the adults in their lives together.

In our first summit, we learned about the key components to a 2Gen approach. In our second summit, we created a Call to Action. In this session, we explored the progress of several pilot projects as well as how to coordinate 2Gen services for your participants. This year’s virtual summit is a 2-part series.

This session featured a 2Gen panel discussion, a speaker on the importance of participant voice, and brainstorming referral options for common issues families encounter.

Our panel highlighted the four 2Gen pilots that were implemented after the 2019 Summit, and the funder of the pilots, Leslie Perkul, President and CEO of the William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation, moderated.

The panelists shared the following information to learn more about their work:

Family Partners: Adrienne Mundorf, Senior Program Director – Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland. Partners – Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood, Family Connections, Ohio Guidestone

2Gen Family Bridge to Workforce Services: Staci Wampler, Director of Industry Partnerships – Towards Employment. Partners – Invest in Children, The Literacy Cooperative, John Dewey Elementary, Murtis Taylor Human Services System

Family and Community Engagement Programs: Aysha Wilburn, Director of 2Gen Strategy – The Centers for Families and Children

Uniting Families with  Education: Dr. Victoria Berry, Program Manager, Adult Diploma Program – Cuyahoga Community College

Participant Voice: Lila Mills, Communications Manager — Neighborhood Connections

The second half of the session featured break out sessions to allow participants to interact in small groups and learn about the different services and resources available in our community to assist families to overcome barriers and obstacles.

Members of our 2Gen Planning Committee led four groups through case studies modeled after real-life situations our partners have experienced. Over 50 people participated in each group, sharing insights and offering solutions to multi-generational and complex problems.

Part two of this virtual summit was held June 5th, from 10AM-12PM, and included a preview of a 2Gen housing model planned for Cleveland, a presentation about developing relationships and warm referrals, and an interactive session to engage attendees in learning about services in our community.

Speakers included:

Scholar House: A 2-Gen Affordable Housing Model: Kate Carden, Director, Financial Mobility Programs, CHN Housing Partners

Relationship Development for Warm Referrals and Service Options: Lila Mills, Communications Manager — Neighborhood Connections

For questions or assistance, contact Laureen Atkins at latkins@literacycooperative.org.

We want to extend a special thank you to our 2Gen Planning Committee members for helping us put together this unique and insightful Virtual Summit!

ICYMI: View part one of the 2020 2Gen Summit HERE.

We also want to extend a special thank you to the sponsors of this event, which helped make it happen: The Cleveland FoundationThe Union Home Mortgage Foundation, and The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

Jennings Foundation