How Books Can Help Develop A Baby’s Brain

Recently, on Ideastream’s “Sound of Ideas,” host Mike McIntyre interviewed Perri Klass, M.D., the National Medical Director for Reach Out and Read, Pediatrician, Author and Columnist and Robert Paponetti, President & CEO, The Literacy Cooperative

“The best time to read to a child is right away. Researchers have found that the earlier you read to your child, the better their literacy, school readiness, and behavior. Pediatrician Dr. Perri Klass is an early reading evangelist with the nonprofit “Reach Out and Read.” She joins us to discuss how books can build a baby’s brain.  We’ll discuss why reading to a child as early as infancy can have enormous impacts on their developing brain.  Later, a bipartisan committee takes a run at reforming the state’s school funding formula. We’ll cover that in our weekly Statehouse update, and get the latest on the state transportation budget and varying theories about how much to raise Ohio’s gas tax.”

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