More than 23,000 children receiving brand new books from Imagination Library

The Literacy Cooperative is pleased to report that more than 23,000 children under age 5 in Cuyahoga County will receive a free, high quality, brand new book each month from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. These books are hand-delivered to children in our community by a US postal worker.

As other sources of books have been shuttered during the COVID-19 crisis, our brave postal workers have continued to deliver! We at The Literacy Cooperative want to express our deepest gratitude for those exceptional individuals that bring children happiness every month.

Every single book delivered has an incredible impact. Not only do the books foster a love of reading, but when a caregiver engages with and reads to a child, it strengthens interpersonal bonds, family resilience, and provides literacy enrichment during the critical window of opportunity for language and brain development — all of which sets a strong foundation for success in school and life. With the help of our postal workers, children build their own personal libraries, from which they can always grab a book to read with a loved one and to eventually read on their own.

These benefits are significant at any time, but during this period of crisis and uncertainty, this consistent monthly gift of reading is truly special. In addition to making sure books are delivered throughout Northeast Ohio, US postal workers also deliver Imagination Library books in many communities across our state and the nation.

Thank you, USPS, for playing a profound role in families’ lives and for strengthening our communities.

Imagination Library families have been sending in beautiful and creative thank you letters to their postal workers which we’re thrilled to share with you: