Part One of The Literacy Cooperative’s 2Gen Summit

2Gen Summit – April 29th, 2020

Moderated by Leslie Perkul, President & CEO – William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation.

Many of our panelists provided information about their services.  We have compiled the information below for you to use as sources for referrals.

Family Partners: Adrienne Mundorf, Senior Program Director – Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
Partners – Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood, Family Connections, Ohio Guidestone

2Gen Family Bridge to Workforce Services: Staci Wampler, Director of Industry Partnerships – Towards Employment
Partners – Invest in Children, The Literacy Cooperative, John Dewey Elementary, Murtis Taylor Human Services System

Family and Community Engagement Programs: Aysha Wilburn, Director of 2Gen Strategy – The Centers for Families and Children

Uniting Families with Education: Dr. Victoria Berry, Program Manager, Adult Diploma Program – Cuyahoga Community College

Participant Voice: Lila Mills, Communications Manager — Neighborhood Connections

In the coming months, our 2Gen Committee members will begin Family-Centered Coaching training, which is a set of strategies, tools, and resources that help human service organizations reinvent how they engage with families that are experiencing poverty. Rooted in an understanding of the institutional forces that prevent families from moving forward, Family-Centered Coaching equips staff with the mindset, tools, and skills to work with families holistically towards financial wellness. This is a six-month training process and we will highlight the outcomes of the training at next year’s summit.

In the next few weeks, we will announce the date and time of the second half of this year’s 2Gen Literacy Summit.  Please look for the registration link soon! In the meantime, please enjoy recordings of the event and breakout rooms.

Watch the event here.

Break out rooms: