Coordinated by Towards Employment, TalentNEO is a regional initiative launching in Cuyahoga and Summit County. Driven by business and supported by workforce development organizations, public agencies, schools, community colleges, social service agencies, adult basic education organizations, foundations, and others, TalentNEO promotes and supports employers’ use of ‘skills scores’ as a part of their hiring process to increase the size of their applicant pool, improve retention rates, and reduce costs. TalentNEO aims to expand employment opportunities for jobseekers who have the required skills but lack the educational credentials or experience traditionally used to screen job applicants.

The Literacy Cooperative convenes upskilling partners to coordinate structure and implementation of KeyTrain and contextualized curriculum for the manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and IT industries. The Literacy Cooperative works with the upskilling partners on the coordination between WorkKeys and upskilling sites to ensure jobseekers have skills scores that meet the requirements of their career goals.